Previous Events:

14th December, Monday

Dec 14, Monday

9h – 9h30

Opening Cerimony

1º Marcelo Barbosa (President, CVM)

2º Gilson Finkelsztain (CEO, B3)

3º Carlos Ambrósio (President, Anbima)

9h30 – 10h

Keynote Speaker

Annamaria Lusardi, Phd (University Professor of Economics and Accountancy, The George Washington University)

10h15 – 11h25

Panel 1 - Investor’s behaviour during COVID-19 pandemic

Discussions about changes on investments during COVID-19 pandemic

Moderator: Pasquale Munafò (Senior Officer - General Manager’s Office, Consob Italy and Chair of IOSCO C8 on Retail Investors)

Florence Corne (Deputy Director of the Retail Investor Relations and Protection Directorate, AMF France)

Camille Beaudoin (Director of Financial Education, AMF Quebec, and Vice Chair of the Retail Investor Committee, IOSCO)

11h25 – 11h40


11h40 - 12h40

Panel 2 - Financial education and vulnerabilities at maturity
Senior investor's quality of life, financial well-being and financial planning

Moderator: Mauricio Dias (General Coordinator of Studies of the Subsecretariat of the Supplementary Pension Scheme, Social Security Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy)

         Akiko Nomura, Phd (Managing Director, Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research)

Raquel Castelpoggi (Coordinator of Social and Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability, Real Grandeza Foundation)

Paulo Miller (Head of the Office of Studies and Institutional Relations, Superintendence of Private Insurance)

12h40 – 14h

Lunch break

14h – 15h

Panel 3 - Social inequality

Social and behavioral aspects related to social inequality, poverty, indebtedness and economic security

Moderator: Viviane Fernandes, Phd (Researcher at the Research Center for Culture and Economy, UFRJ)

Marcelo Neri, Phd (Director of FGV Social, FGV)

Rogério Barbosa, Phd (Professor at IESP - UERJ and researcher at the Center for Metropolitan Studies – USP)

15h15 – 16h15

Panel 4 - Economic Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

Debates on financial behavior from the perspective of Economic Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

Moderator: Juliana Brescianini (EMBeD / World Bank Focal Point in Brazil)

Flávia Ávila, Phd (Founder InBehavior Lab and full member of NEC)

Cristiano Oliveira (Founder and CEO, Olivia AI Inc)

Pedro Bramont (Strategy, Technology and Business Director - BB Seguridade)

15th December, Tuesday

Dec 15, Tuesday

9h30 – 10h30

Panel 5 - The discovery of the stock exchange by the Brazilian investor

Journey and behavior of the Brazilian investor on their first experience with variable income

Moderator: Ana Carolina Goulart Salarini (Investor Protection and Orientation Superintendence, CVM)

Felipe Paiva (Customer Relationship Director Brazil - B3)

Mara Luquet (Founder and partner - My News)

Roberto Idech (Chief strategist, Clear)

10h30 – 10h45


10h45 – 11h35

Panel 6 - The application of Behavioral Insights into regulation

How to incorporate behavioral research data into security market regulation

Moderator: José Alexandre Vasco (Investor Protection and Orientation Superintendent, CVM)

Ana Leoni (Superintendent of Investor Education and Market Data, Anbima)

Bruno Giovannetti (EESP-FGV Professor)

11h35 – 11h50


11h50 – 12h30

Keynote speaker

Chiara Monticone (Senior Policy Analyst, OECD)

Debater: Raquel de Freitas Banuth (Researcher at Center for Behavioral Studies and Research, CVM)

12h30 – 13h30

Lunch break

13h30 – 14h30

Painel 7 - New experiences in financial education

How the digital transformation and the pandemic boosted investor autonomy in search of knowledge and education and the role played by market professionals in the development and guidance of investors

Moderator: Christianne Bariquelli ( Superintendent of Education, B3)

Oswaldo (Executive Director of Planejar)

Thiago Godoy (Head of Education of XP)

Ministry of Citizenship (TBC)

14h30 - 15h45

Panel 8 - Culture and financial education

The importance of culture, values and cognitive and non-cognitive aspects for literacy and financial behavior, since early childhood

Moderator: Isabella Pereira (Researcher at Center for Behavioral Studies and Research, CVM)

Andréa Patapoff, PhD (Pedagogue and PhD in Educational Psychology, Professor at FE, Unicamp)

Daniel Capistrano, PhD (Researcher, University of Dublin)

Henrique Castro, PhD (UFRGS, WVS-Brasil and V20)

Martin Iglesias (Investment Recommendation Manager at Itaú Unibanco)

15h45 - 16h15

Closing Statements

José Alexandre Vasco (Investor Protection and Orientation Superintendent, CVM)

Christianne Bariquelli (Superintendent of Education, B3)

Ana Leoni (Superintendent of Investor Education and Market Data, Anbima)